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2014 Call Log
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2013 Calls: 218
2012 Calls: 230
2011 Calls: 276
2010 Calls: 257
2009 Calls: 259
2008 Calls: 263
2007 Calls: 246

Route 1 Diesel Spill
Date: May 29, 2015 Time: 1341hrs Box: 9-31
A tractor trailer lost it's saddle tank in the southbound lanes of Route 1 near the Neshaminy High School Exit. This resulted in a large area of diesel spilled on the highway. Rescue 9 arrived on location and worked on containing the runoff from a storm sewer inlet. Engine 9 arrived and assisted with deploying oil dry on one lane to alleviate some of the traffic congestion. Penndot later arrived with a sand truck to assist. Middletown FMO and Police also assisted with the incident.

Route 1 Traffic Accident
Date: April 18, 2015 Time: 1202hrs Box: 9-31
Initially dispatched as a standby, this accident in the northbound lanes of Route 1 near the Penndel Exit was upgraded to an accident with entrapment. A reported vehicle that was driving erratic had collided with at least one other vehicle. An SUV was left teetering on the guiderail. Rescue 9 arrived on location and started patient care as well as containing a fuel spill. Engine 84 assisted with manpower. Medics from Penndel Middletown and Bensalem provided patient care and transport. The Bensalem and Middletown Police Departments are investigating the incident.

Bursh Fire
Date: April 7, 2015 Time: 1413hrs Box: 9-22
Engine 9 was dispatched for a reported brush fire in the 1000 block of Avenue E. Crews arrived and went in service on a 75 by 50 foot area of rubbish and grass. The fire was quickly contained and extinguished. The Middletown FMO and Police Department assisted.

Route 1 MVA with Entrapment
Date: March 29, 2015 Time: 1339hrs Box: 80-95
Rescue companies from Middletown Township were dispatched to Interstate 95 in the area of Route 1 for a report of an overturned vehicle with entrapment. Rescue 8 arrived on location about a mile north of the reported location and confirmed one entrapped. Rescue 9 arrived and assisted with removing the roof and patient removal. Engine 21 and Engine 77 were on location providing traffic and scene safety.

Touch a Truck Event
Date: March 21, 2015
Middletown Township opened it's doors to the public and held a "Touch a Truck" event showing off different style vehicles from the Public Works department, Fire Marshal's Office and local Fire Departments. The kids were also able to play a small game of street hockey. The public was able to take a close look at the fire apparatus that serves them as well meeting some of the staff of the local government, FD and PD services.

Deer Drive Dwelling Fire
Date: March 17, 2015 Time: 1641hrs Box: 9-41 Apparatus Due: E9 R9 TW21 E7 E8 L8 E77 (RIT)
Bucks County 911 received a call for a reported dwelling fire in the 500 block of Deer Drive on St. Pattys Day afternoon. Rescue 9, while returning from another call went responding immediately. Engine 8 was on the road as well and had an almost immediate response. FM244 arrived and reported light smoke showing from the residence. Rescue 9's crew arrived and went in service with a handline and it's own water supply. Engine 8's crew pulled a backup line while Tower 21's crew started ventilation. Shortly after making entry, crews were ordered to evacuate as conditions deteriorated and the threat of a section of the first floor collapsing were observed. Additional companies arrived and provided assistance as the crews extinguished the fire. The Penndel Middletown Emergency Squad provided rehab services. The fire is being investigated by the Middletown Township FMO.

Northbound Route 1 MVA
Date: March 8, 2015 Time: 2037hrs Box: 21-82
For the second time in two hours, Rescue 9 was dispatched to assist Station 21 with an accident on Route 1. This crash occurred in the northbound lanes near Interstate 95. There were reports of a vehicle that was travelling in the wrong direction involved. Upon arrival, Rescue 9's crew assisted with stabilization on the first vehicle, while Rescue 30 and Rescue 31's crew performed extrication duties. Rescue 9's crew also went in service extricating a second victim in another vehicle. This accident is being investigated by Middletown Township Police.

Southbound Route 1 MVA
Date: March 8, 2015 Time: 1836hrs Box: 21-81
Units were dispatched for a reported MVA in the southbound lanes of Route 1 near Hill Avenue. Deputy 21 arrived on location and requested additional EMS units for 6 patients. Rescue 9 and Engine 21's crews assisted with patient removal and care for the victims until the additional EMS units arrived. The accident is being investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Tour Bus Fire
Date: March 1, 2015 Time: 1437hrs Box: 9-32
Engine 9 and Engine 21 were dispatched for a reported tour bus on fire in the northbound lanes of Route 1 near the Our Lady of Grace Cemetary. Chief 21 arrived on location and confirmed the report. The engine companies went in service on the busy highway and in the snow. Middletown and Bensalem Police Departments assisted with traffic control during the fire and messy commute. (photo courtesy of Michelle Perlman)

Reetz Ave Building Fire
Date: February 25, 2015 Time: 1958hrs Box: 7-2
Originally being dispatched for a reported shed on fire, Chief 7 arrived on location in the 200 block of Reetz Avenue and reported fire showing from a large building. Rescue 9 was initially assigned RIT duties, but it's crew was put to work shortly after arriving. Engine 9 arrived just after the 2nd alarm was transmitted and assisted. The companies endured some cold temperatures and icy conditions on the firegrounds that night. The fire was placed under control around 2145hrs.

February 6, 2015
Once again, the Parkland Fire Company participated in the annual Operation 6abc Save a Life program held at the Philadelphia Fire Academy. This year over 150 area fire departmens participated in the event. Each department received an allotment of 10 year lithium battery smoke detectors. These smoke detectors will help promote fire safety within their communities as they will be available for residents in need. This is the 23rd year that this event was held in the area. It is sponsored by WPVI Channel 6, Kidde Fire Safety, Tri-State Toyota Dealers Association, Home Depot and American Water Resources.

S Bellevue Ave MVA
Date: November 3, 2014 Time: 0109hrs Box: 8-10
Rescue 8 and Rescue 9 were dispatched for a reported MVA with entrapment and fire at S Bellevue Av and Lincoln Highway in Penndel Borough. AC9 and C9 arrived on location and reported no fire, but 1 person entrapped in a vehicle. Rescue 8 arrived and went in service on a door removal and stabilization. Rescue 9's crew assisted with removing the patient. The Penndel Borough Police is investigating the incident.

Honoring Sergeant Mark Wert
Date: August 18, 2014
On August 18, 2014, members of the Parkland Fire Company as well as other members of the Emergency Services of Middletown Township attended the Board of Supervisors meeting to honor retiring Sergeant Mark Wert of the Middletown Twp Police Department. Sgt. Wert served with the Police Department for 33 years. Congratulations on your retirement Sgt. Wert!

Active Shooter Drill
Date: August 14, 2014
Chief Barnes, Battalion Fox, FF's Angjelou, Plunkett and McFadden participated in an Active Shooter Drill at Cairns University. The crew simulated being deployed to assist EMS with patient removal from a building in which multiple victims were shot. A hazardous materials release was also simulated during the event. All four fire departments from Middletown Township participated as well as multiple police and EMS agencies from the area. (photos courtesy of LevittownNow.com)

Overturned Tractor Trailer
Date: August 11,2014 Time: 1503hrs Box: 21-82
Rescue 9 was dispatched to assist Sta 21 for a reported multi vehicle accident with entrapment in the Northbound lanes of Route 1 near Oxford Valley Road. FM234 arrived on location and reported one overturned tractor trailer onto the median with one entrapped. E31-2, R30 arrived and went in service with a ground ladder for access and a door removal and a quick dash push. R9's crew advanced and assisted with removal of the victim. E21 stood by for fire suppression and hazard control.

New Rescue
On June 21, 2014, The Parkland Fire Company placed into service it's latest addition to it's fleet. Rescue 9 is a 2014 Pierce Arrow XT Mega PUC with a 1500GPM pump ,750 gallon water tank, a Harrison 30kw 3 phase generator and a Wil Burt Night Scan light tower equipped with 4 FRC Spectra LED light heads. The truck carries 1000 feet of 5 inch supply hose, two speedlays, each 200 feet of 2 inch hose, a 150 foot 1 3/4 inch trash line, 300 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose as well as 300 feet of 3 inch hose. Rescue 9 is also equipped with 6 preconnected Hurst tools and other miscellaneous vehicle extrication equipment.

Avenue F Dwelling Fire
Date: May 23, 2014 Time: 12:10hrs Box: 9-22 Apparatus Due: E9 E7, E21, E65, R8 & E77 (RIT)
Chief 9 arrived on location in the 800 Block of Avenue F with a 2 story SFD with smoke showing. E9's crew stretched a 2 inch water line to the B/C corner while R8's crew hand stretched to a nearby hydrant. The fire was contained to the room of origin quickly by E9's crew while E65 and R8's crew checked for extension and assisted with ventilation. The fire was placed under control shortly after. The investigation is being conducted by the Middletown Township FMO. (Photos: Tom Sofield, Levittownnow.com)

Firefighter 1 Graduates
Congratulations to Firefighters Michael Janga, Connor Good and Tyler Plunkett for successfully completing their Firefighter 1 class. The 3 members were part of Battalion 5 at the Lower Bucks Public Safety Training Center. The graduation ceremony was held at the Bucks County Community College along with fellow students from Battalion 1 and Battalion 3. Firefighter Plunkett also received an award for "Excellence in Fire Studies". Congratulations to all of the students and best of luck in your Fire Service Careers!

Member Recognition
During the April Middletown Township Board of Supervisors meeting, local FD members were recognized for their accomplishments with their respective departments. Parkland Firefighter Jared Watson was honored for receiving Firefighter of the Year. Fire Police Ed Hill was recognized for receiving the Chief's Award and Firefighter Jeff Vurlicer was recognized for his 30+ years of service.
Tree Fire
Date: April 23, 2014 Time: 19:25hrs Box: 9-21
PFC was dispatched for a brush fire after a resident from Virginia Avenue called 911 to report a tree on fire in the wooded area along Comly Avenue. Crews from Engine 9 and Field 9 stretched extra hose back into the woods to extinguish the small brush fire and tree that was burning.

NJ Transit Yard Brush Fire
Date: April 21, 2014 Time: 1616hrs Box: 30-22
While covering Station 30 during a couple of large brush fires, Field 9 and Engine 77 were dispatched to the NJ Transit Yard for a reported separate fire. Upon arrival, crews reported a mostly extinguished 70' X 15' area with a pile of railroad ties involved. Both crews worked to extinguish and mop up in about 30 minutes.(Photo credit J. Bampfield & B. Barnes)

New Rescue 9
March 23-26
The Parkland Fire Company Truck Committee travelled to Appleton Wisconsin, home of Pierce Manufacturing's plant to perform final inspection of the 2014 Arrow XT PUC Rescue. The committee spent numerous hours combing over truck and testing new equipment. The truck will ship to Glick Fire Equipment for final details prior to it's final delivery to the PFC.

Brush Fire
Date: March 15, 2014 Time: 1359hrs Box: 9-51
A resident in the 100 block of S. Buckthorn Avenue called Bucks County 911 reporting brush fire on one the first warm days of the season. Engine 9 arrived on location with a 50' X 75' area of grass on fire as well as a motorcycle. Engine 21 & Engine 22's crews assisted with containing the fire to the original property.

New Rescue Pictures
The new Rescue 9 is well underway at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, WI. The new Arrow XT Mega PUC is nearing completion.

Holly Ave Dwelling Fire
Date: February 24, 2014 Time: 1143hrs Box: 8-2
Ladder 8 arrived on location with heavy fire showing from a residence in the unit block of Holly Avenue. Engine 44 arrived and established a water supply while Engine 7 dropped in from a secondary hydrant. Engine 9 picked up the secondary water source and sent it's crew to work with the other crews. Water issues and wind made it difficult to contain the fire and the building was eventually evacuated for a brief defensive attack. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries while operating on the fireground. Crews from Stations 4, 14, 45, 51, 55, 65 & 82 assisted as well. The fire is being investigated by FM255.

Hulmeville Rd MVA With Entrapment
Date: January 28, 2014 Time: 0807hrs Box: 9-11
Deputy 7 pulled up on location at Hulmeville Rd and West Lincoln Hwy on a frigid Tuesday morning with a multi-vehicle accident with entrapment. Crews from Rescue 8 and Rescue 9 performed a quick door and roof removal to free the patient. Middletown Township Police is investigating the accident.

Solar Panel Fire
Date: January 16, 2014 Time: 1337hrs Box: 9-51 Apparatus Due: E9, L21, L8, R9, E21
A resident in the 100 block of South Canterbury Avenue reported that there was a small fire underneath of the solar panels of their garage. FM244 arrived confirming the report as well as having a squirrels nest burning underneath of the panels. E9 and L8's crews assisted a technician with securing power to the panels as well as removal of two of the panels from the roof. E21, L21 and R9 stood by. (Photos by J. Bampfield & B. Barnes)

Rosewood Ave Utility Pole
Date: January 10, 2014 Time: 1221hrs Box: 9-53
Engine 9 was dispatched for a reported electrical pole on fire in the 500 Block of Rosewood Avenue. Assistant 9 and Chief 9 arrived and requested PECO to respond to the incident. The Middletown FMO assisted with scene safety until PECO had arrived.

Route 1 MVA
Date: January 4, 2014 Time: 1439hrs Box: 9-31
A multi-vehicle accident shut down one lane of NB Route 1 on a cold afternoon. Rescue 9's crew assisted EMS crews with patient evaluation and hazard control.

Vehicle into Building
Date: 10-10-2013 Box: 7-3 Time: 1425hrs
Numerous calls were received by Bucks County 911 for a reported vehicle that struck a building across from the Hulmeville Inn. AC9 arrived and reported a 75x100 building that was penetrated by the vehicle and also a natural gas leak. The vehicle was pulled from the building and PECO had the gas shut off a short while later.

Rising Stars Daycare Public Education
Date: 10-8-2013
Chief Bob Barnes, Chief Engineer Jim McFadden, Firefighter Ed Prawdzik and Fire Marshal Ken Richards took time to show the students at the Rising Stars Daycare some of the equipment used by firefighters and also some fire safety tips.

2013 Fire Prevention Open House
Date: 10-05-2013
The Parkland Fire Company held it's annual Fire Prevention Open House on October 5th. Kids enjoyed seeing the trucks on display as well as getting tattoos, fire prevention hand outs and snacks provided by Chick-Fil-A. A thank you also goes out to CPR Restoration and Cleaning Service for providing a TV that was raffled off and the Middletown Township Fire Marshal's Office for their assistance.

MVA with Entrapment
Date: 10-3-2013 Box: 8-10 Time: 1426hrs
Rescue 8, Rescue 9 and Engine 7 were dispatched for a report of a 2 vehicle MVA with entrapment near the intersection of E Lincoln Hwy and Durham Rd. Rescue 8 arrived on scene with one vehicle partially on top of a second vehicle and up against a telephone pole. Their crew stabilized and began extricating the driver. Rescue 9's crew assisted with patient removal while Engine 7 provided fire protection. Penndel Borough PD is handling the investigation.

Racquet Club Apartment Fire
Date: 7-26-2013 Box: 7-13 Time: 2114hrs
Chief 7 arrived on location at the Racquet Club Apartments with a 2 story apartment building with heavy fire showing. Engine 9 was dispatched to the assignment shortly into the call. Command had requested the next few incoming engines to set up a supply line from the Snowball Gate section. Engine 9 picked up Engine 31's lay and dropped 1,500 feet of supply hose itself and then in turn supplied Ladder 31. The fire eventually went to 4 alarms with the entire building suffering major damage. The fire is being investigated by the Middletown Twp FMO.

Neshaminy Creek Water Rescue
7-24-2013 Time: 22:39hrs Box: 84-6
Station 84 was dispatched for a report of 2 swimmers missing in the Neshaminy Creek near the waterfalls at around 22:22hrs. Chief 4 arrived and established command. A short while later, Engine 9 was dispatched to assist in the search from the Middletown Twp. shoreline of the water. Crews from E9, E9-1 and F9 assisted with a foot search as well as lighting the area near the falls. Philadelphia Police TacAir 1 also assisted in the search from above. Crews from nearby agencies searched through the night and the following days. The bodies of the swimmers were recovered 2 days later.

Drafting Drill
Date: 07-23-2013
The crew from Engine 9 spent the evening refreshing their skills on drafting at Core Creek Park in Langhorne.

Nifty Fifties Fire
Date: 7-19-2013 Time: 0705hrs Box: 65-6
Engine 9, initially dispatched to relocate to Sta65, was added on the second alarm to the Nifty Fifties on Street Rd in Bensalem. DC65, at that time, had heavy fire conditions through the roof of the restaurant. Upon Engine 9's arrival, it's crew assisted with exterior operations as well as overhaul. This fire occurred in the middle of a heat wave in the area. Early morning temperatures were in the high 70's with high humidity.

West Lincoln Hwy Dwelling Fire
Date: 4-23-2013 Time: 1557hrs Box: 09012 Companies Dispatched: E9, R9, E7, E8, R8, L65 and R4
Chief 9 arrived on location in the 1100 block of West Lincoln Hwy with heavy smoke showing from a split level SFD. E8 arrived on location and went in service with attack lines. Limited access to the driveway hindered operations briefly. E9 arrived behind E8 and reversed out to a hydrant while L65's crew went in service with ventilation. E7, R8 and R4's crews assisted with manpower. The fire is being investigated by the Middletown FMO.

Route 1 Vehicle Fire
Date: 4-23-2013 Time: 1313hrs Box: 09031
Numerous calls were received at Bucks County 911 for a vehicle on fire in the southbound lanes of Route 1. Initially reported in Bensalem Township, the vehicle was located a little north in Middletown Township. E9 arrived on location and extinguished the fire. E84 and E222 were also on the way to assist. The fire is being investigated by the Middletown FMO.

Detective Christopher Jones 5K Run
Date: April 20, 2013
Engine 9 and it's crew attended the First Annual Detective Christopher Jones Foundation 5k run. The event began at the Det. Jones Memorial Park and made it's way through some neighboring side streets. The event was a success for the DCJ Foundation. Congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated.

Penndel Borough Dwelling Fire
Date: February 4, 2013 Time: 1643hrs Box: 8-2
Numerous calls were received by Bucks County 911 for a reported dwelling fire in the 100 block of DeHaven Avenue in Penndel Borough. AC9 and DC9 arrived with fire showing from rear of the residence. L8 arrived and went in service making a good stop of the fire. R8, E7, E9, E44 assisted with manpower and overhaul, while E55-1 handled RIT and SS25 handled the air cascade assignment. The fire is being investigated by the Penndel Borough Fire Marshal. (Photos courtesy of S. Molle)

Operation 6abc Save a Life
January 31, 2013
Once again, the Parkland Fire Company participated in the Operation 6abc Save a Life program at the Philadelphia Fire Academy. The 21st annual event has become an extreme success, with this year's event including an all-time high of over 170 participating departments. Key sponsors include, WPVI, The Philadelphia Fire Department, Kidde, Home Depot and Toyota. (Pictured WPVI's Eva Pilgrim, Chief Bob Barnes, and WPVI's Karen Rogers)

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